Just in: Puzzle “The dream of Surrealism” by Brecht Vandenbroucke.

Just in: Puzzle by Brecht Vandenbroucke produced by Laurence King. Limited availability at the MIMA Shop!

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>>> “Get Up, Stand Up!” Extended until 06.01.19 <<<

"Get Up, Stand Up!" Extended until 06.01.19


With the 40 or so works shown during the opening, the museum begins to build with time what it hopes will be a collection to reflect our era, the 2.0 culture epoch.

A cosmopolitan society fosters an individual awareness of one’s collective role.
MIMA’s acquisition policy is built on the principles of iconoclasm and empathy that define this new identity, with its multiple ramifications that set it apart from the traditional canons of the creative domains. The continued interest from artists to belong to MIMA’s collection comes from outside the codified world of contemporary art.

Like an impressionistic painting, the collection and its place in history are rather vague, but clearly present nonetheless. Each of the exceptional works has been selected by a somewhat eclectic approach and as a result each of them opens the door to an artistic narrative of its own. Together however, they each add an extra dimension to the ensemble of works.

Culture 2.0 started life at the end of the 90s with the advent of a double technological revolution: on the one hand renewable energies and on the other new ways of communicating (mobile phones, digital photography, Internet, low budget travel) – which changed our perception of reality forevermore. The world became a global village and the city trip an excuse to wholly experience a city rather than just visit it like a living museum. Globetrotters share their posts and pictures on the internet- trendy quarters of cities whose walls are covered with graffiti and where the pulse of music can be heard day and night.

A generation of artists representing a new civilian identity. The new means of communication stimulated an already strong interconnectivity between different subcultures, numerous young artists extend their field of expression further into new subcultures, meeting new audiences and commercial opportunities on the way. Skateboarding, contemporary art, street art, graffiti, surfing, tattooing, comics, graphic design, electro music, punk rock.. mixing of genres has become the norm, artists adapt themselves to new contexts and communication becomes an art form in itself.