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Boris Tellegen aka DELTA: “A FRIENDLY TAKEOVER” from 03/02 to 28/05

“Beautiful Losers”

Inspirational documentary to watch here!

MIMA - MIMA_4_Sixeart_CosmoVision

Cosmo Vision

Sixe Paredes , 2010


Acrylic on paper


100 x 70 cm


Mima - Sixe Paredes

Sixe Paredes

"My art has always been characterized by the agglomeration of shapes and colors. Throughout different periods I started introducing more elements, such as the circuits, which led my paintings towards another dimension - this dimension enhanced my painting, allowing for other interpretations of my work. In recent years I have been synthesizing some of my series. I like to play with this idea because it leaves more room for reflection and I don't need as many elements to express myself. Some of these elements are iconic to my work, such as crests or beaks which have always been in my compositions and can be found there today."

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