The museum is open during the holidays

The museum is open during the holidays

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MIMA - MIMA_9_Mobstr_Nothing'sChanged

Nothing’s Changed

Mobstr , 2014


Acrylic on canvas & photograph


Variable Dimensions


Mima - Mobstr


"I think so long as advertising visually dominates our urban environments something has got to be said for the importance of graffiti competing with it. If I am truly honest I am not sure if I would carry on doing what I do if it was legal as, for me, it would lose its edge. Now that street art has gained credentials a lot of legal work is possible and the big mural stuff seems to be dominating the scene. However, these large mural pieces you see popping up around the world aren’t street art for me. It’s the little subversions which interact and play with its surroundings that I define as street art."

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