The museum is open during the holidays

The museum is open during the holidays

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MIMA - 4


2Shy , 2017


Acrylic on Wood


102 x 126 cm


Mima - 2Shy


“Five or six years ago, I was at my home, it was Sunday, 5pm, and two friends of mine came at my place and say, “hey let’s go to have a drink.” After a few beers we start to become drunk and we say “let’s go and make some tags.” I come back to my place to take some spray cans, and we came near the Gare de Nord, La Chapelle. I climbed on the first floor of the building and I made some tags and someone opened a window and they tried to catch me. I fell down and broke my two legs. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but generally I win.”

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