Speedcubing workshop • RUBIKCUBIST WAS HERE

MIMA - DSC_5950
Picture by Irene Driessen

Speedcubing workshop

Speedcubing Belgium will host a free workshop: how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, initiation to speedcubing, the different kind of cubes and how to solve them. Get to race against the masters!

Wednesday 04.01 > 2-6PM

Saturday 07.01 > 2-6PM


Invader Rubikcubist is a solo exhibition by Invader entirely devoted to Rubikcubism.
The exhibition at MIMA reveals more than a hundred works presented on the 4 floors of the museum and allows us to apprehend the richness of the themes tackled by the artist with nearly 20 years of creations in cubes.


  • Free workshop
  • Standard museum ticket: €13,50 (+€0,50 online reservation fee)
  • Reduced rates: €0 – €7.5 (+€0,50 online reservation fee)

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  • ☛ info@mimamuseum.eu
  • ☛ 0472/61.03.51