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MIMA - MIMA_23_AntwanHorfee_TheFeast

The Feast

Antwan Horfee , 2015


Acrylic on Canvas


130 x 200 cm


Mima - Antwan Horfee

Antwan Horfee

“Intercept the idea of putting things together from the street to an interior space, during our period is to me, not a good idea at all. I’d rather face the reality of every minute everywhere in town. The youth is about going out of the intimity from the family, that limits the sphere of problems and accidents that can happen, my goal is simply to go deeply where it happens. I want to find them and call them theatrically art. Paintings, drawings, tattoos, signs or installations, I want the ruff lines to find a balance between the polished and the folk in a shitty situation.”

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